The project topic is discovering opportunities for self-realisation of disadvantaged groups in the European community. Partner institutions and their adult learners from Estonia, Portugal, Italy and Turkey share their best practices, exchange ideas and work out a supportive course for the unemployed who would like to become actively involved in the labour market. 10-hour course will include the topics of different ways of self-realisation (employment, entrepreneurship, volunteering, farming, etc.), overview of the European labour market, stories of success from each partner country, methods and activities that are used by the partners for meeting learners' needs in the best way and supporting them in finding their way in life.

 In this project self-realisation in the European community means finding a place in the labour market which would give a person the job in which their competences would develop in the best way and contribute to the needs and objectives of society. The disadvantaged groups we focus on are people with immigrant background and people from rural areas who moved to towns.

 The project activities include visiting partner institutions and exchanging best practices (representatives of partner institutions and adult learners); gathering ideas and materials for implementing them in everyday activities (priority is given to non-formal methods and active involvement of the target group); working out a 10-hour supportive course for adults; promoting alternative ways of self-realisation in the labour market.

Learners from partner organisations are also involved in the project as members of the working groups.

More information you can find on the official web-page of the project:


  1. Casa Seis – Associação Para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário (Portugal)
  2. Kapadokya Eğitim Akademisi Derneği (Turkey)
  3. SINTAGMI s.r.l. (Italy)

 Contacts for further information:

  • Tel +372 55629094

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.